Animals have always been a passion and priority in my life. In looking toward the future, I realized I wanted to have more animals in my life and began looking around for a career that would allow this to happen. I was attending a community street fair and happened to see a booth for Dog Grooming Instruction. The dream began forming. After 150 hours of grooming dogs under the guidance of a groomer who is in the business over 20 years and completing independent study, I became an Internationally Accredited Professional dog groomer. I continue to educate myself through online resources and trade shows/seminars to keep current with best practices, procedures and safety of the animal under my care.

Mobile Grooming

In January 2016, I will begin my mobile grooming business. Mobile grooming is a service that reduces the stress in the grooming experience for both the pet and the owner. We arrive at your door, pick up your pet and deliver after the groom is complete. We personally fluff dry your pet after the bath, we do not use cage dryers or crates in our grooming service. We groom one pet at a time and we will pay close attention to detail to ensure the best care is given to your pet. If your pet has special needs, let us know and we will accommodate your pets needs to keep the groom as stress free as possible.

My priority in grooming is to make your dog look their best while keeping a positive experience for the dog and myself. The purpose of grooming your pet is to make them look their best and give them the appearance of a happy, healthy pet. We can help you achieve that for your pet.

I will groom your pet at your home within Lebanon and Dauphin Counties. I operate by appointment, during the hours of 8am -8pm during the week and on 8am - 5pm Saturday, 9am to 5pm Sunday. Please call (717)756-2561 for an appointment and discuss any questions about the grooming services.

Dog Fitness

Dog fitness and playtime services provides much needed exercise for your dog. When a dog has 24 hours a day and only has one role - to sleep, they will become bored and seek ways to entertain themselves by chewing, barking or other unfavorable behaviors. We will take your dog for a walk, run or hike depending on the physical health of the dog. Before returning the dog to the home, we will provide water a controlled walk before entering the house. We believe that the dog must be in a calm state when entering the home in order to keep pack mindset.

Dog Training

Our newest service provides Fundamental Dog Training. We use techniques we learned while attending Training Cesar's Way Fundamental Dog Training in November 2015. We will teach you how to be the pack leader for your pet and show you how to lead your dog in a way that they are happy to follow. Calm, assertive techniques from the owner will result in a calm, submissive dog. This service will include a phone interview and one lesson where we will utilize the tools you have and demonstrate tools that may be more effective with your pet. You will be impressed with the results in one lesson. When you commit to being the leader, the dog will be happy to take on the roll of human's best friend.