Holiday Letters from Daisy - Day 5

Submitted by Sandy on Tue, 12/29/2015 - 17:11
Cassie, Daisy, Cooper, and Cricket in front of old Hershey Chocolate Factory
Cassie, Daisy, Cooper, and Cricket resting on a walk
Cassie, Cooper, Daisy, and Cricket on a walk

Dear Mom,

Wow!  What a day I had!  It started out as a normal day, we got up, got our leashes on and went outside for a little stroll.  We came back inside and we got breakfast and Sandy did some work on her computer.  Then we all got special treats, they were little rawhide bones that were wrapped in chicken.  Cassie had to eat hers in her crate, she has issues with other dogs when she has her bone.  Cooper saw that Cassie got a treat when Sandy put her in the crate, so he ran to his and jumped in, waiting for one for himself.  Sandy gave him one and then came back to me.  I politely took mine and walked over to lie down and eat it and Cricket got busy with his treat.  Sandy went into the small room and I heard the curtain close and water started to run.  She had closed the door, but I'm good at opening the door and I went in and chewed my bone on the rug in there.  After Sandy got out of the shower, I helped her dry off and then she got dressed.  She came out and started getting some papers ready and then it happened!

The drawer where we keeps the leashes opened!  Everybody was happy!  This was the time, the big suprise Sandy had mentioned earlier!  We were all wiggling around and the Little Monster was yipping and dancing around.  Sandy told him to sit and he sat, then jumped up, then sat back down when Sandy just stopped and waited.  When he finally calmed down Sandy put his leash on.  Then Cassie got hers on and Cooper had to sit and drop the toy before Sandy put his on him.  I came over and sat down and quickly got my leash on.  Sandy told us to get back and when we were back far enough she opened the door and we went out.  Cassie and Cooper got in the back, when Sandy opened the back door I jumped in and then she had to help the Little Monster into the car.  

We backed out of the driveway and then drove about 20 minutes and Sandy parked the car.  She got some little plastic bags out and put them in her pocket.  Cricket and I waited patiently for her to get out and open our door.  We then waited for Cassie and Cooper got out of the back.  We were so excited!  This was a big parking lot and I have never been at this parking lot, I just knew something good was going to happen.  We walked across the parking lot and then started walking down a sidewalk.  We had to keep stopping because Cooper was really excited and it took a while for him to calm down.  I was the best walker!  I'm really good at staying in place and I didn't get corrected one time!  

We walked over to a street called Chocolate Avenue.  I wasn't sure why it was called that, it looked like asphalt to me.  We went by a building and Sandy explained that this was where they used to make a lot of chocolate and Hershey's Kisses.  Now they have all converted the building into offices and they moved the manufacturing to the other end of town in the new plant.  We walked a bit further and Sandy stopped us and made us sit and took a picture.  I was a good girl and sat patiently, Cooper and Cassie sat but it took them some time to look at Sandy so she could take our picture.  We walked a little further and walked past a golf course.  It's a really pretty course, but there weren't any golfers out so we walked on the cart path and came up on a house.  It was a very pretty house and Sandy told me that is where the man who built the factory lived with his wife.  We sat in front of the house for another picture, this time Cooper layed down and we all looked pretty for this picture.  After we got back on the path and went down some old stone steps and followed the path to an old school house.  It's a little one room schoolhouse that has tours sometimes but not today, so we just sat and took another picture.  When we finished we walked back out the road and back up Chocolate Avenue.  I saw streetlights shaped like kisses!  Every streetlight was a kiss!  One wrapped, the next one unwrapped.  They really looked good, but they were too high for us to reach so we stopped and took another picture.  We crossed the street and walked through one of the developments, Sandy showed us a house and said that she though it was the most beautiful house in Hershey.  I pointed out the "For Sale" sign, Sandy just chuckled and we started walking again.  

Cricket was starting to lag behind so we started walking back toward the big parking lot.  We got to the parking lot and Sandy said she used to work in this building before she decided to be a groomer and dog trainer.  She said there was a theater in the building and that they have some shows like they have on Broadway.  Sandy also said this was a building that Hershey built for the community to use and enjoy.  She said there is a lot of history in this town and some day she would like to show you around and maybe go see a show.  We finally got back to the car and everybody got in.  The ride home was pretty quiet, Cricket and I took a nap and when we woke up we were home.  

We came home and rested for a while and we ate dinner. I was a good girl and ate all my dinner.  I played with the Little Monster and now we are relaxing before we have our last little stroll out the lane before we go to bed.  I hope you are having a great vacation, I am enjoying myself and being your best girl.  I'm not sure what we will do tomorrow, I will write again tomorrow.


Love, sniffs and kisses,