Letters from Daisy and Auggie

Submitted by Sandy on Thu, 01/28/2016 - 17:42
Auggie standing in the driveway

Dear Mom,

From Daisy:

How are you?  I miss you and can't wait for you to come home!  I have to tell you that I was secretly hoping that you wouldn't have to leave to go to the board meeting, but now that I'm here with the Pennsylvania pack I realize that it was the best thing for you to do.  

Let me tell you about the car ride home.  Sandy was grumbling a lot because of the snow and it was a challenge for her to get through some of the streets.  I heard her hold her breath a couple times but she seemed okay once we were out of the city.  The highways coming back to Pennsylvania were dry and for the most part uneventful.  Until we got about 2 miles from Sandy's house.  That's when it happened.  Auggie threw up.  She didn't just throw up in the car she threw up all over ME!  I was so embarrassed.  I won't go into a lot of details, but let's just say I wasn't the pretty girl that left Frederick.  Sandy didn't stop the car, she just looked back and said "Awe, you okay Auggie?".  Not one word to me.  Grrr...  We got to the house and Sandy got us out of the car.  Then the most unbelievable thing happened.  SHE PUT ME IN THE TUB!  Oh the indignity of it all.  First Auggie throws up on me and then I have to get a bath.  It wasn't all bad, once I was in the tub, Sandy did talk to me and said I was a good girl.  I have to admit it was nice having the affection and I really didn't like having Auggies breakfast all over me.  I got revenge a couple days later, I will let Auggie tell you about that in her part of the letter.   

That was the worst part of the trip.  The rest of my stay here has been nice.  The house is really warm and I'm enjoying laying on the couch and cuddling with Auggie and Sandy when she sits down.  Cricket has been pretty good, it's nice having Auggie here, now I'm not the only one he tries to get to play.  Cassie has been nice to me, she still has that "ol stink eye" look sometimes but Sandy makes her stop that right away.  Cooper is, well, Cooper.  That boy really likes his cookies!  The best thing about that is when he gets a cookie, everyone gets a cookie!  

That's about all for now, we are settling into a routine... Get up, go potty, go for a little walk, eat dinner and get ready for bed.  I've been a very good girl and have done a great job keeping Sandy warm.  She told me that I'm better than a blanket!  

I hope your meetings are going well and that you have a safe flight home.  I am really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Love, sniffs and Kisses,



From Auggie:

Mom, I don't care what Daisy said there was nothing else I could do when I got sick in the car.  I was trying to be a good dog and I didn't want to throw up on the seat, I was looking around for somewhere else and that's when it happened.  There was no stopping it!  It really wasn't as bad as Daisy said, it wasn't all over her.  I only got her tail and her hind end.  I told her that would wipe right off but she wouldn't listen to me.  Then as soon as we got in the house, Sandy scooped her up and put her in the tub.  I swear, I did NOT tell Sandy to do that.  

After Daisy was dry, Sandy took us all outside.  She left the black dog in her crate and took Cooper, Cricket, Daisy and I outside to go potty.  I was a little nervous, there is a lot of snow here like at home, there weren't many houses or cars around though, just a lot of trees.  We walked around for a little while and then went back in the house.  Sandy then got the black dog out and took her outside.  Her name is Cassie and I heard that she likes to give Daisy a hard time.  She came over and sniffed me and then they went outside for her to go potty.  When Sandy came back in, we sat down on the couch and I got up on the couch but thought it best to lay down at the end of the couch and get comfortable with being in a strange place. Daisy came over and  liedown next to me and we took a little nap.  Sandy did a little cleaning and kept putting sticks in a door.  She does this a lot and I watch her do it to make sure she does it right.  Warmth comes out of there and it makes the house nice.

Tuesday we had some play time in the morning and then Sandy left to go do some training.  She didn't seem any different when she came home, I didn't say anything to her because I didn't want to hurt her feelings.  We ate our dinner and lounged on the couch for a while.  Sandy takes us outside a lot and the little dog Cricket thinks it's playtime.  I keep telling him I don't play, he's a little slow and doesn't give up until someone plays or Sandy tells him to stop.  

On Wednesday, Sandy got up really early and took us outside and put us all in our crates after breakfast.  Sandy left the house and was gone for a while.  When she came back home she took everyone outside and we went for a little walk.  We came back inside and I was getting comfortable on the couch when Sandy took Cricket and I back outside.  She walked over to a big truck and the doors opened and she started inside.  Cricket and I weren't sure about the steps, but Sandy was holding my leash so I didn't have a choice, I had to follow her inside.  She put me up on a table and took my sweater and collar off.  I wasn't sure what was happening and I tried to tell her I was a good girl but she didn't listen, she just kept going.  I heard a buzzing noise and started feeling a little different.  I stood very still and let Sandy run the clipper all over me.  Then she got another buzzing thing and used that on my nails.  She put something on a piece of cotton and stuck it in my ears.  I really don't understand why she did this, since I was trying to be a good guest, I left her do it.  I thought I was done and tried to jump down off the table, I was stopped when Sandy picked me up and put me in the tub.  Then she squirted me!  All.  Over. My. Body.  The water was warm and soapy and smelled really good.  After she rubbed me for a little while, she squirted me with warm water again.  All of the bubbles left my coat.  Sandy got a towel and rubbed me dry.  I was ready to be done but Sandy wasn't.  She pulled a hose out of the wall and I waited to be squirted again, this hose was different.  I heard a loud wind and when Sandy pointed the hose at me it blew water out of my coat.  I thought this was going to last forever!  Finally the blowing stopped and Sandy put me back over the table and finished up with the first buzzing machine.  When she was done with that, she got a pair of scissors and started snipping hair around my face.  Sandy put my collar and leash on and we went back into the house.  When I went in, Daisy was snickering at me and told me that was her revenge for throwing up on her.  I told her that wasn't very nice, but I really didn't mind because Sandy said I was a pretty girl.  

This morning we got up and went for a little walk.  Sandy brought us back inside and then took just me and the little guy Cricket back outside.  Cricket wanted to play and I kept trying to tell him I don't play but he was so insistent that I finally gave in.  There wasn't a lot of room to run because of all the snow piled up, but I chased him around the car and the truck.  I know it was a good thing because Sandy was smiling and told me I was a good girl.  

We're back in the house now and I am warming up Sandy's lap as I write to you.  Sandy told us that in 2 more days we will be coming home!  I can't wait to see you and be back in my home in Frederick!  

I better go, Sandy said we've got some chores to do.  Have a safe trip home.

Love, sniffs and Kisses,