Letters from Daisy and Auggie - April 2016

Submitted by Sandy on Tue, 04/05/2016 - 17:44

Dear Mom,

Auggie and I have decided to take turns writing you a letter while you are on vacation.  Since I am the eldest and prettiest, I will go first.  We have had 2 sleeps since you brought us to Pennsylvania, we have 7 to go and I can't wait to see you!

We've been busy!  On Saturday, Auggie helped Sandy plant some trees.  Sandy tries, but she just isn't a good digger.  It took her forever and I think it was all her technique.  I saw her using a shovel and a pick to make the holes in the ground.  I think she would have made a lot more progress if she would have dug the holes the way Auggie and I would do it.  I have to admit it was amusing to watch her, she'd put the shovel on the ground and then jump on it.  Sometimes we heard a noise when the shovel went down in the ground, Sandy would mutter and then a little while later she'd pick up a rock and toss it into a pile.  One time I heard her say a bad word, apparently she pinched her finger somehow when she was using the shovel - another reason she really should take lessons from a dog on how to dig a hole.  After she had 3 holes done, she quit for the day.  We came in the house and had dinner and after a while we went to bed.  

The next day, Sandy had to run some errands.  I was still tired from all the work of watching the hole digging so I stayed home and recovered some of my energy.  CJ, Cricket and Auggie wanted to go along so Sandy put them all in the car and they drove off.  They came back after a while and Sandy got things out of her car and then went into the house to change.  We went back outside and Sandy got the shovel and pick and dug the 4th hole.  After all the holes were dug, she put the trees in the holes and then took a wheelbarrow up the hill and got some mulch to put around the trees.  I think the trees look nice, for a human, Sandy does a fairly decent job.  

Monday we got up and Sandy went to take us outside.  When she got outside she counted the dogs and realized Auggie was missing.  I saw Sandy turn around and go back inside to get Auggie, I had to laugh, Sandy didn't realize that Auggie does not like the rain and she didn't want to go outside where she would get wet.  Sandy is a determined human, when the door opened, Sandy came out and Auggie was with her.  She tried to stay inside but Sandy had her on a leash so she reluctantly came outside with us.  It really wasn't raining too bad, Auggie said she would get messy if she had to go out in the rain.  Sandy told her she knows a groomer that will take care of her if she gets too messy.  Sandy had breakfast and I saw her taking things outside.  After a while, she came back in the house and put leashes on Cricket and CJ.  They had to go to work, I got to stay home and rest.  Watching Sandy work is very tiring!  

In the afternoon Sandy, Cricket and Auggie came home.  Sandy did some work on her computer and then she opened the drawer and got my leash!  I was so excited!  I love going for walks and Sandy was only going to take me!  I was a happy girl, Sandy told all the other dogs they had to stay and opened the door.  Sandy and I walked out and before she got the door closed, Cricket had slipped out.  I was a little disappointed, I was looking forward to some one on one time with Sandy.  I was polite and didn't say anything, I didn't want to hurt Cricket's feelings.  

Daisy getting a bathGuess what?!  Sandy took me to the big white truck!  It was my turn!!  I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be going along!  Suddenly the doors opened and we went up the steps and into the truck.  The doors closed and then it hit me... I wasn't going for a ride.  Sandy slowly bent down and carefully picked me up.  It was very gentle and I didn't yelp or snap at her.  Sandy put me on a table and then picked up something that made a buzzing sound.  I suddenly felt a draft.  That buzzing thing was eating my fur!  I wasn't sure I wanted my fur eaten, but since Sandy was there, I decided to sit and allow my fur to disappear.  Finally the buzzing stopped and Sandy picked up one of my paws.  I heard a click and one of my nails was shorter.  I felt her reach for another toe and it was then that I expressed my displeasure.  Sandy got the point, she walked away from me.  (I think she realized I meant business!)  Sandy came back to the table and slipped something over my head.  I heard her apologize, however that didn't stop her from putting this thing around my head.  I tried to explain that the nails made me feel like a tiny dancer, tapping my dance across the hardwood floors.  I heard Sandy say that she though I'd be a better soft shoe dancer.  I don't think she appreciates my artistic talents.  After all four of my paws had the nails trimmed, Sandy removed the piece from my head.  I saw her get to white cotton balls and squirt something on them.  I can't believe what she did next - she stuck them in my ears!  What is it with this human?! First my fur, then my nails, now my ears??  Sandy picked me up and I cuddled her a little bit.  (I thought maybe a little sugar would distract her from this mission she was on - but NO, it did not sway her!)   Next I was standing in a metal tub and I heard water and tried to run, I was not successful.  There was a strap around my neck that kept me in the tub.  Sandy squirted something into the tub and then picked up the hose and sprayed her hand so she could check to make sure the water was warm.  And then...


I WAS HORRIFIED!  I was indignant, angry and scared.  How could she do this to me??  I looked at her with pleading eyes and asked her to stop.  In a few minutes I was soaked.  And I mean EVERYWHERE.  I tried to get away, each direction I turned I still kept getting sprayed.  When the spraying stopped, Sandy started rubbing my back.   Then my sides, then my legs, my tail, my head, neck, chest and my belly.  She touched me EVERYWHERE.   I mean EVERYWHERE!  When she stopped rubbing me, she picked up another hose and squirted clean water all over me.  I was dripping and not a happy Daisy.  The water stopped and then I felt a towel rubbing me.  I was relieved the spraying and touching were done.  Sandy put something over my head again and took a picture.  She said I was "In da hood" took a picture and smiled at me.  She's a bit weird.  I was a little chilly and then WHOOSH!  One thousand mile and hour wind was blowing on me!  I tried to turn right, left, back, forward and each way I turned the wind blew for hours.  Okay, maybe not hours just way too long for my comfort level.  Eventually, Sandy picked me up out of the tub and put me back on the table.  The buzzing started again and I felt more of my fur being eaten away.  I was brushed, fluffed and trimmed for the next 45 minutes.  I saw Sandy walk away and came back with a pretty purple scarf that she tied around my neck.  She took a picture and told me I was a good girl.  I already knew that, I thanked her and then she picked me up and took me back into the house.  

We all ate our dinner and now Sandy will take us outside again.  She's looking a little tired so I better go outside and get ready for bed.  I hope you are enjoying your time away and time with your family.  Take good care of yourself and I will take good care of Auggie.  


Love, sniffs and kisses,