Letters from Daisy and Auggie - April 2016 - Auggie

Submitted by Sandy on Sat, 04/09/2016 - 17:50

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry I haven't written, we've been incredibly busy!  Daisy told you all about the weekend and Monday, so I won't bother repeating what she said.  I will tell you I was an incredible helper for Sandy and her digging, she wants me to be her assistant any time she does digging.  She's trying to convince Mickey to help her dig up the garden, so far she hasn't been successful on that, she will continue to try and convince her that I am the best when it comes to digging.

We went to bed like usual on Monday, when we woke up on Tuesday we waited while Sandy ate and got the truck ready for the day.  I was really looking to going to work with Sandy and Cricket and I waited patiently until the drawer with the leashes opened.  I was a good girl and got my leash on and Cricket got his on, then I was surprised to see Daisy got hers on too!  Sandy took the 3 of us out to the truck and I hopped up inside and took my shotgun position.  Then Sandy lifted Cricket into position and bent down to pick up Daisy and put her on the shotgun seat with Cricket and I.  It was a little snug with the 3 of us!  I liked it though, it was a little chilly and having that furry little monster beside me helped keep me warm.  We drove off and waited patiently as Sandy did the grooming, we took a potty break at noon and then Sandy went back to grooming.  She really knows a lot of dogs!  We pulled up to the last stop for the day and Sandy came around the truck and got us out, something that she normally doesn't do.  She took us across the street and stood outside a house and the owner brought the dog out.  She was a very pretty dog, a beagle mix who is called Cookie.  Cookie looked very nervous when she saw Daisy and I, we were very calm and walked over to greet each other.  After Sandy spoke with the human, we went off for a walk.  We were very good walkers and soon Cookie was relaxed and enjoying out company.  We eventually walked back to her house and her owner came out and talked with Sandy again.  I heard her asking about Daisy and I, and Sandy told her she was pet sitting us.  The human was very nice and I heard her tell Sandy that I was a beautiful dog.   We got back in the truck after that and came home.  

Auggie, Cricket, and Daisy in front seat of grooming truck

Sandy unloaded and  cleaned up her truck and we all went inside.  


Sandy scooped me up and we went into the back of the truck!  I knew what was going to happen.  I was right, I got GROOMED!  Sandy was very nice to me and I was such a good girl, you'd be very proud of how I behaved.  When we were done, Sandy put a scarf on me and we went back into the house.  Daisy giggled and said I looked naked, I told her she was jealous because Cookie's mom said I was beautiful and now that I am groomed, I'm going to be more beautiful.  That stopped the giggling.  

We ate our dinner and then went out one more time before bed.  Daisy and I really slept well, this working all day wears us out - how do you do this every day?!  Daisy and I both worked with Sandy the rest of the week.  We keep the truck safe while Sandy is working in the back of the truck.  We've barked away a couple people who get to close to the truck.  Sandy tells us we do a great job and gives us treats after we are done working for the day.  On Friday, I heard Sandy tell Mickey that she didn't think she was going to take all of us along when she had to work for the day.  Daisy and I waited to see who was her favorite and watched as Sandy got ready for her working day.  She took us outside and let us go potty while she finished up getting the grooming truck ready for the day.  She put some things in the front of the truck and went around to the back.  She closed up the back of the truck and then started calling for Daisy and I.  Sandy's voice got louder and I could tell she was getting scared when we didn't come to her call.  We could see her the whole time and I really don't know why she didn't know where we were, we were in plain sight the whole time.  Finally, Sandy turned back to the truck and came to close the front door of the truck.  

And there we were.  I was sitting in the driver seat and Daisy was sitting in the shotgun seat.  Sandy's face showed relief and then she smiled and told us we could both go along.  That made Daisy and I very happy!  Sandy put Cricket in the truck with us and we headed out for the day.  We guarded the truck for 3 dogs while Sandy groomed them in the back.  In the afternoon we got to go walking with Cookie again.  This time she wasn't scared of us at all and we gave sniffs and walked for over 2 miles that day.  Sandy said I was the best walker, I heard her tell Daisy to get back a couple times, it seemed like Daisy wanted to go faster than we were going.  Sandy didn't want to go that fast and Cookie had a lot of smelling to do that day.  When our walk was over, Cookie's human gave Sandy 2 sweaters and asked if she knew of anyone that can use them.  Sandy said she did and took the sweaters and we went home for the day.  When we got home, Sandy went outside to do something called mowing.  I'm not really sure what that is, but about a half hour later, Sandy came back in the house carrying CJ and put him in his crate.  CJ started complaining and I heard Sandy explain to him that is what happens when you roll in duck pooh.  I felt bad for him, Sandy left him in the crate and went back out to mow.  When she was done she came in the house and got CJ out of his crate and took him in the back of the truck.  I don't think I need to tell you what happened after that!

Sandy and CJ came back in the house and he smelled a LOT better!  He looked pretty and fluffy, when Sandy tried to tell him he was pretty, he grumbled that boys don't look pretty, they look handsome!  

We got up this morning and Sandy started getting ready for work.  She had gone outside and there was a little snow on the ground.  She came back inside and went to get a shower, while she was getting dressed Mickey knocked on the door and said she didn't think she was going anywhere because there was 6 inches of snow on the ground.  Sandy went and looked outside and saw how much snow there was and decided the risk of trying to get to the dogs was too high and called their humans and asked them to reschedule.  Sandy and Mickey had breakfast and then Sandy put her boots on and took us outside again.  Man!! There was a lot of snow!  I saw Sandy taking pictures and looked to see why - you should have seen Daisy!  She looked like she was swimming through the snow!  Cricket thought she wanted to play so he went running after her and they chased each other!  That made Sandy laugh and smile so I started playing with them too.  Sandy took more pictures and some video and then started throwing snowballs.  We tried to find them, but they disappear when they hit the snow.  Cooper loved trying to chase them and even caught a few that were thrown to him.  I tried to pick one up but found it too cold for my taste.  We played for a while and came back in the house.  Both Cricket and CJ were put in their crates, they had huge snowballs stuck to their fur and Sandy didn't want them to make big water marks all over the house.  She pulled the snowballs off their fur and put towels into the crates for them to lay on and dry off.  I was happy that Sandy had groomed Daisy and I and we didn't have long fur that snowballs would stick and make us have to go in crates.  

Daisy and I are inside resting after all that activity.  I was a little chilly so Sandy put a sweater on me and I stopped shivering.  Daisy is cuddled up on Sandy's lap and she is dreaming.  I'm not sure what she's dreaming about but her legs are twitching so she must be chasing something in her dreams.  It is good to be a dog.

I'm getting sleepy so I'm going to take a nap.  I hope you are having an incredible week with your sisters. 

2 more sleeps!

Love, sniffs and kisses,