Dog Fitness

Dogs are happiest, healthiest, and better behaved when they get exercise and have a job to do. But this isn't always possible in our hectic lives.  That's where I come in.  I will exercise your dog based on his/her current fitness level.  A structured walk/run with the dog in "traveling mode" is the goal and I will work with the dog to accomplish this.  Traveling mode means ears back, tail relaxed, and the dog not easily distracted.  For dogs that need a job to accomplish this, I have a number of various sized backpacks to help them focus on the walk. 

Dog Walking

Service per hour of walking, I will work with your dog to do a proper walk, which means no pulling, no reaction to other dogs/people/distractions

Dog Running

Service per hour of running with your dog.  Dogs are well behaved when they have been exercised.  I will monitor your dog before starting a running program with the dog.  Runs will only be done when time and weather conditions are safe for the dog.  Night running will be done with a leash that is lit and will help identify the dog and myself for safety. After the run is completed, I will brush the dog, water and check the pads of the dog to ensure they are in good condition.

Dog Playtime

Service per hour of playtime, swimming, playing ball, whatever the play your dog lives for we will do.

DAILY SERVICES M-F 8:00 - 7:00 pm and weekends upon request.

Priced by active time and includes a structured walk/run, a little play time break during the walk/run, and watering the dog during and/or after the exercise:

20 minutes - $25
30 minutes - $30
40 minutes - $35
60 minutes - $45