Fundamental Dog Training

In November 2015, I had the opportunity to attend Cesar's Millan's Fundamentals of Dog Behavior Training.  This course was designed and taught by Cesar, using his methods and understanding of dog behavior and psychology.  I came away from the training empowered and confident that my dog was not a lost cause and could be the great dog I had thought he was.  In my personal experience, becoming a leader for my dogs has given me the satisfaction I've been wanting to have when I am with my dogs and when we are out and meet fellow dog owners.  

In these one hour fundamental sessions, you will learn how to become a leader that your dog will naturally follow and want to please.  We will begin with the basic walk and work on other behavior issues that you are experiencing with your dog.    With our first lesson, we will begin by explaining our Guidelines for Success and start out with a walk with you and your dog. Additional lessons will be tailored to work with any behavioral problems you are having with your dog.  We will demonstrate calm/assertive techniques and transfer the knowledge to you to practice with your dog.  

The cost of a one hour session is $75 inside the service area, $100 outside the service area of Lebanon and Dauphin County.

Guidelines for Success:

  1. You are the Pack Leader!

  2. The Pack Leader ALWAYS goes FIRST!

  3. Dogs must wait.

  4. Master the walk, master the dog.

  5. Call the dog to you for a reward - not discipline.

  6. No pity talk.

  7. Never reward bad behavior.

  8. Remember each encounter is a new encounter.

  9. Be consistent.

  10. Believe in the potential of your leadership.